Advanced Supplier of Family and Organization Image Protection at RootsTech Conference

A great example of saving family, business and organizational memories is being shown to the 26,000 visitors to the Salt Lake City RootsTech Conference February 4-6. Founder and owner of Memorable, Eugene Gekhter is demonstrating the advanced restoration and cloud saving work of Memorable. Memorable’s more than decade long work with photos including post 2000 dated digital images, original “snapshots” and slides before 2000, all forms of video and 8 mm and 16 mm film from the 1950’s and earlier. Memorable which has been in business for 15 years is demonstrating how can families and organizations truly protect their visual records from disaster including floods, fire and other natural and human disasters.

Memorable was founded by Eugene Gekhter, who fell in love with preserving memories while attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 15 years ago. He recognized early that so few families and organizations took the time to protect their photos. Eventually he discovered that as few as 4% of American families have taken precautions to scan, backup and protect their still and moving images of their families and lives. At the age of 19 Eugene bought the domain which would become the leading company in the United States for high definition film transfer services.

Education did not stop after graduation; Eugene grew to learn as much about every aspect of photo and video technology as possible. To connect every family memory seamlessly together into a unified archive, he developed the expertise for working with every imaginable format used by consumers in the last hundred years.

To tackle such an enormous task, he had to master movie film, video, and still image technologies. To improve quality of originals he developed proprietary restoration processes which could color correct faded movies, remove dust, dirt, and reduce grain from old film and slides, as well as remove noise from analog video. 250,000 lines of code later, Eugene and his Memorable team have achieved what it had set out to do, Memorable has developed a solution that would unite and automatically create clear chronologies for over a century of family photos and videos that any family can afford and especially all family members can use. He has worked with Harvard University and other institutions as well as thousands of families.